The Background

DI MARCO I. & C. sas was founded in 1971, driven by the winning idea of supporting Lucca’s papermaking district with its industrial supplies.

In 2003, LUCAVAL was founded in Tolosa, Spain, with a Spanish subsidiary to produce a wide range of slide valves.

The year 2004 sees the birth of DI MARCO SPA forniture industriali in order to manage the sales area, while DI MARCO I. & C. keeps taking care of the property division of the group.

In 2008, the founder, ITALO DI MARCO, who, with unprecedented entrepreneurial skills, had contributed to the development of his own company and of Lucca’s papermaking district, passed away.

In 2010, the extension of the sales unit becomes a reality, with one further building added up to store pipes, and the manufacturing operations renovated to make the creping-blade manufacturing department more reliable.

In 2011, the company celebrated its fortieth anniversary, continuing the tradition of a family-run business in a global economy.

The high quality of its products, the reliability of its production processes and the availability of a large stock are the strengths of DI MARCO SPA forniture industriali.

The Corporate Mission

A 360-degree range of products for all industries: papermaking, mechanics, tanning, food and beverages, waterworks, biomasses, purification and environmental, pharmaceutical.

DI MARCO SPA has developed its business in a wide range of goods and services for the industrial supply market, to provide excellent, effective answers to any market requirement.

A wide range of products, above all an extensive selection of engineering products:
Stainless steel pipes and accessories: stainless steel tubes and section bars, stainless steel welding or threaded fittings, flanges, rubber connectors and metal bends, gaskets, bolts and nuts.

Valves: slide valves, gate valves, ball valves, throttle valves, adjusting valves, check valves.

Pumps: submersible slush pumps, pumps for blends, water pumps, metering pumps.


-Production and sharpening of creping blades for the tissue paper industry;
- Papermaking and paper-finishing chemicals;
-Vats and stirrers for pulp and conditioners for thick pulp.

A reliable service: a professional, timely and efficient service provides dynamic, timely solutions.

A wide stock: the availability of a wide range of products and sizes is our strength. DI MARCO SPA can handle your order in real time.

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